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100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control

100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control

  • 100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control
  • 100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control
100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: ShengHui
Certification: SGS
Model Number: SHNCWT-06
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Roll
Price: USD 200/ Roll
Packaging Details: 1.52*30m
Delivery Time: 5-7 days
Supply Ability: 200,00 Rolls/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name:: 2 MIL 50%VLT 100%IRR 99%UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Face Material:: TPU Film
VLT:: 50% IRR:: 100%
UVR :: 99% Warranty:: 10 Years
Adhesive Type:: Clear Removable Acrylic Adhesive Adhesive Thickness:: 30 µm
Release Paper Type:: Plastic Release Liner GSM:: 80 µm (3 MIL)
High Light:

99% UVR Ceramic Window Tinting Film


Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film


100% IRR ceramic window tint roll

Product Name: 2 MIL 50%VLT 100%IRR 99%UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film
Product Description: 
Window tint film, or solar control window film, is a thin film applied to glass windows. Its purpose is to reflect UV-rays controlling heat and light coming through the windows. This solution is popular both for businesses and homes.
Product Specifications:

1. Face Film Type: TPU Film Thickness: 50 µm
Surface Finish: High Glossy Color: Black
2. Adhesive Type: Clear Removable Acrylic Adhesive
Thickness: 30 µm Color: Clear
3. Liner Type: PE-coated Plastic Liner Thickness: 60 gsm
4. Max Durability Up to 10 years
5. Product Properties Visible Light Trans. 50%
Glare Reduction 99%

UV Trans




Solar Heat Rejected




Product Features:

  • Outstanding IR and total heat rejection
  • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays
  • Charcoal shades from light to limo-dark
  • Go darker for more heat rejection and privacy
  • Your passengers will feel more comfortable
  • Your car will look hot but feel cool
  • Cruising in your car will be more fun and enjoyable
  • Window tints give you privacy and protection
  • Tinting your car windows can help to improve fuel efficiency


Advantages of Applying Window Tint Film:


There are many benefits of adding window films to your vehicle, home or office:


Scratch and Crack Prevention:

One feeling that many drivers know firsthand is the sense of frustration and dread that comes from a cracked windshield. Even something as small as a pebble can put a crack into a windshield. Once a windshield is cracked, it needs to be replaced as the crack will only worsen over time. The quality protective film can help to prevent scratched and damaged windshields. These films are applied to the exterior of the window and can help to absorb the damage of pebbles and other debris.


Energy Efficiency:

One of the biggest benefits of window tint, particularly in homes or commercial buildings, is energy efficiency. The two times of the year where energy bills skyrocket are typically the height of summer and the dead of winter. While window tint can’t stop the heat or cold, what it can do is reduce the amount of sunlight and energy coming into the building. The film manages to accomplish this by reflecting ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can significantly decrease the interior temperature during the summer months. In the winter, the tint can work to reflect heat back into the building, which can help to reduce the heating costs.



Another great benefit of window tint is the privacy that it provides. Standard window tints make it harder to see into a building. This inherently increases the privacy of the building. However, there are window tints designed specifically with privacy in mind (frosted windows are a great example of this). The energy-saving benefits of window film are apparent, but the added privacy that tinted windows provide is a reason to consider making the change.


Sun damage protection:

The sunshine can be a welcome respite after a long winter or an especially turbulent spring storm. However, the sun’s rays can also be harmful to both people and furniture. Tinted windows can help to reduce this damage by blocking the UV rays. Left unchallenged, these rays can cause furniture and upholstery to fade, as well as the cause. Not to mention, the damage that the sun can do to unprotected skin including skin cancer.


Glare reduction:

Improve the visibility of your TV and device screens by reducing glare, and decrease the need for artificial lighting by allowing more natural light in.


Return on Investment:

In addition to all of the previous benefits listed, adding window films to your home can have a very nice return on investment. Tinted windows can increase the resale value of your home, as they are popular among home buyers. You can also see an ROI by calculating the reduced cost of your utility bills in addition to decreasing the amount of sun damage on your furniture




  • What are the benefits of window film?

          The many benefits of window film include eye comfort, UV protection, aesthetics,
          and increased safety, privacy, and energy savings.

  • Does window film prevent the glass from breaking?

         No, window film does not prevent the glass from breaking. Window film does increase
         the safety of the glass; due to a very aggressive adhesive, the film helps to hold the pieces
         of broken glass together. In the event of the glass breaks, due to an auto accident, a person
         running into it, or an attempted break-in, the glass will shatter, but in most instances, the film
          will help keep the glass together.

  • Can window film increase safety and security?

         Yes, window film adds a degree of shatter resistance to the glass areas of your home,
         building, or vehicle. These films bond to glass and help hold dangerous glass fragments
         in place, should breakage occur due to accident, natural disaster, or illegal entry.

  • Does blocking UV rays help prevent fading and deterioration?

          Yes. The same sun that brightens a room’s interior can be detrimental to fabrics, furnishings,
          artwork, and rugs. Ultraviolet rays are the main cause of both fade and deterioration. Window films
          can screen out 99% of the damaging UV rays that can fade richly colored furniture, tapestries,
          and artwork. Heat and light also play a part in fading but using window film to block nearly
          100% of UV rays will increase the life of your personal property for years.

  • Can window film help with privacy?

          Yes. Window films give a clear view of the outside. Depending on the degree of privacy desired,
           you can select films that prevent others from looking in during the daytime.

  • Can window film reduce glare?

          Yes. Glare not only can cause eye fatigue, but it can also be dangerous when driving.
          It reduces the amount of light allowed through the film, therefore allowing you to see better
           and not stress your eyes.

Product Images:

100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control 0
100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control 1100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control 2100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control 3100% IRR 99% UVR Nano Ceramic Window Tinting Film Roll Solar Control 4

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